The Sportswear Trend: A Nationalistic Collaboration of Sport and Style

There is a particular catwalk trend that has added poignancy and relevance to the fashion world this year: the sportswear trend. This is not considered a momentary trend but instead a particularly nationalistic celebration of British style. In a year that has seen Boris Johnson herald the fashion industry as crucial to British creativity, excellence … Continue reading

‘A Lighter Shade of Blue’: The S/S Trend – Pastels

[January, 30, 2012] Perhaps a subtle retaliation to the Steps come-back at the end of 2011 or more likely an unrelated but happy coincidence, the fashion world has pioneered a lighter instead of ‘deeper’ shade of blue this season through arguably the key trend: pastels.  While I returned to University in the middle of January … Continue reading

The Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala

The annual Costume Institute Benefit gala held at the MET in New York attracts the Fashion elite; from models to actresses and designers and is potentially the one event a year that Anna Wintour remains at for more than fifteen minutes (as, in this case, she was the host). This year the gala was themed … Continue reading

S/S Stripes

Having been bombarded by emails from, Grazia Daily and marieclaireuk ordering me to wear stripes and more stripes this summer – I’ve decided to take notice and compile some of my favourites. What’s so great about stripes this season is they are large and bold, simultaneously feeding another trend – colour blocking. Buy yourself … Continue reading

Marie Claire: How to get into Magazines

Walking in heels through the marble lobby to sign in at reception at the Marie Claire Headquarters in London reminded me a lot of the ‘clackers’ scene from the film The Devil Wears Prada. A good start to my, already idealised, magazine-world experience. As part of their ‘Inspire and Mentor’ scheme, fashion magazine giant Marie … Continue reading

The Rise of Social Media

The dramatic rise and prominence of social media over the last few years has been unprecedented. Whilst Facebook has gained its 600,000 million users steadily since it was first launched in 2004, the Twitter revolution although being created not too long after Facebook, has really taken force over the last couple of years. Until Monday … Continue reading

The Clothes Show Live: Reviewed

The Clothes Show Live at the NEC Birmingham – the perfect opportunity to go and spend money you don’t have on clothes you don’t need, but desire desperately just before Christmas. The fashion event held every year attracts a huge number and variety of people, from celebrities and wannabe models looking to be scouted, to (predominantly) girls of all ages looking for, as Gok would … Continue reading

We need to talk about… The Birmingham Book Festival

Lionel Shriver The annual Birmingham Book Festival is well known for boasting an impressive number of talented writers – this year being no exception. The talk from Orange prize winner Lionel Shriver – the American best-selling author of We Need to Talk About Kevin was particularly anticipated following the release in March of her latest novel So Much … Continue reading