The September Issue


If you have watched The September Issue (the ‘real life’ version of The Devil Wears Prada – Anna as Meryl) then you will know a few things:

  1. Grace Coddington is hilarious in her dealings with Anna Wintour (think eye rolls and at times out right rebellion)
  2. Anna plays tennis EVERY morning (even when it’s not ‘in season’? A first)
  3. Anna’s daughter thinks fashion is silly (although is now curiously working in the industry?)

And finally: The September issue of Vogue is the MOST STRESSFUL.

I purchased said issue of American Vogue at the airport on my way back from the US last month and the stress all became very clear… The issue was over 700 pages long (longer than most of the Harry Potter books – wowza).

Unlikely but fantastic new BFFs


Although not currently putting together a 700 page magazine, my September is proving particularly busy and somewhat stressful (mainly enjoyable.. ask me again in a couple of weeks). For the past few days (and the next two weeks) I’ve been waking up in my Birmingham student house at 6am and doing the daily commute to London.

This travel, while being a pretty quick journey, is tiring when compared with what I was doing last week (waking up leisurely, “hauling ass”-[my favourite American phrase] to the gym and seeing friends).

The commute can prove quite productive providing falling asleep does not occur; so far this week I’ve had to:

  • read several centuries / a few thousand pages of English literature – which so far is not going well..
  • organize press passes for the Redbrick team for the Style Birmingham event and plan content for the next couple of weeks.
  • write a contributing feature interview with a celebrity jewellery designer for a new publication
  • update this (at times neglected, but well loved) blog.


Oh and contain my excitement for London Fashion Week which starts TOMORROW.



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