“‘The Airport is my Runway’ vb xo”

The last few months have been crazily hectic hence my major blog neglect. A lot happened while I was away… As Alexandra Shulman said in her June ‘Letter from the Editor’ in Vogue, in times of great social/political unrest and crisis fashion, art and culture are put into perspective and seem insignificant. Yet it is these events which shape fashion and culture, rather than existing separate to them while also a source of escapism. Although she was talking about other events, this message still rings true when referring to the more recents events such as the riots in London and Birmingham, hurricane Irene and the ongoing problems in the Middle East.

In light of this I have put together a few cultural things (or rather, things I will try to pass off as cultural) that I have experience this summer:


Although sounding a little ridiculous to many, I actually kind of agree with Victoria Beckham’s wise words (in the form of a tweet) “the airport is my runway”. I unashamedly plan my plane outfit in advance and pay little attention to comfort when doing so. Throwing my University jumper into my hand luggage in case of an over enthusiastic air-con on the plane is always a last ditch attempt at practicality.

Bold colour (red) jeans and a white blazer were my airport outfit of choice when travelling to New York teamed with a pair of wedge canvas shoes – that a woman in the US gawping at my feet stopped me on the street to take a picture of and sent to her husband conveniently on a business trip in the UK.



Books read:

– The Help

-The Tiger’s Wife

-The Best of Everything

-Let the Great World Spin



– Only one thing can really be included in this section: SUSHI (especially NYC sushi – yum yum yum)






-Just Go With It

-HP 7 (childhood = over)

-Bridesmaids (hilar)

(Upcoming films I’m very excited to see) – I Don’t Know How She Does It – with SJP (I actually don’t)



It is definitely true that travel broadens your horizons wherever you go. I was lucky enough this summer to be able to travel to Greece (with my best friend – euros were budgeted down to the last cent and cocktails were given priority over food), New York, Nantucket and Cape Cod. My trip to New York City staying with my transatlantic BFF in her Manhattan apartment made me realize how much I would love to live there and spend my twenties re-enacting Carrie Bradshaw’s life and drink out of red plastic cups at parties on regular occasions. (We’re planning a life swap so she can live in London and her children can say “MUM”.)

Travel at the same time does mean you miss things going on at home as well as having new experiences. While I was swanning around in red jeans on the other side of the Atlantic I experienced an earthquake (it was minor but still something ticked off my life list), narrowly avoided hurricane Irene and missed the riots in Birmingham and London. The coverage of the riots by www.redbrickpaper.co.uk was incredible and has made me even more excited to be a part of the paper now we’re approaching my second year of University.

Summer may be over (major waaa) but there are still many things to look forward to, to distract from the impending cold. Next week is LONDON FASHION WEEK which I am attending on work experience with the Guardian – ‘my runway’ transported from the airport to the surroundings of Somerset House and an actual runway (I’m very happy for the professionals to do the modeling on this occasion though…).


2 Responses to ““‘The Airport is my Runway’ vb xo””
  1. Sophie, this post is definitely an excuse just to shamelessly display your holiday snaps! but i liked it. Looks like you had a great time. x

  2. BUSTED.
    I did so much though! We missed each other in the US sooo badly this year, we must go back together!!

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